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Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Berkeley, CA 94720-8130 USA

Building Technology and Urban Systems Division

Current Major Research Topics

Local Power Distribution - Nanogrids

Today, most electricity use occurs within a single "pool" of power provided by the utility grid, much like the U.S. phone system was a single managed entity. An alternative is to move to a networked model of electricity distribution, particularly within buildings. We call this "Local Power Distribution", with the smallest unit within this the "Nanogrid".

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Buildings as Networks

A large amount of future energy savings in buildings is only possible through closely matching the energy services delivered to occupants to what they need and desire at each particular point in time (and as informed by prices). This is only possible by highly dynamic, effective, functional, and robust future building networks, which are in turn only possible through adopting the goal of Universal Interoperability.

This needs to be the basis of a globally standard network architecture for future building networks. Just as the Internet was not an evolutionary step from existing common information networks, but rather introduced many new concepts, future building networks need to be designed from the ground up, not by adapting existing controls technologies. As with the Internet, we should expect this to enable future functionalities for buildings that we have not even imagined today.


Past Projects

Power Management Controls - standards for terms, symbols, indicators, etc. to increase power management savings.

Audio/Video Inter-Device Power Control - Proposed standard mechanism for managing audio/video content streams to enable automatic power management of A/V devices.

Materials Use / Consumption This is no longer an active research area of mine.

Paper End-Use Efficiency - practical information on reducing paper use. This web site dates from Fall, 1998, but much of the information is still applicable. Web site currently off-line

Consumption Efficiency in general - improving materials consumption to reduce industrial production and increase quality of life.

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